Monday, July 27, 2009

.~ Deebs Fiber Arts.~

Auction Item #62
Debra Poth artist behind Deebs Fiber Arts created this item exclusively for our auction. This photo does not do this masterpiece justice. it takes your breath away!
Please visit Debra's Etsy store.
If you looked up the word exquisite in the dictionary it would say:

.~Shannon L. Bakke.~

Auction Item #61
Up for auction are two gorgeous fabric postcards. They were made and donated by Shannon L. Bakke. They are just lovely.

.~Krafted Keepsakes288.~

Auction Item #60
Just look at these glasses! They jumped right off the web page the minute I clicked on them!
The artist behind them is Ardell from Krafted Keepsakes288
I love her description:
"These lovely ladies each hold 16 ounces of wine!! Saves on all the walking back and forth for refills!! Great for girls' night out parties, bachelorette parties, you name it. Each glass is hand painted by me with glass enamel paints and glaze. They are dishwasher safe but I recommend handwashing. Complete with rhinestones and a brass bustiere wine glass charm these girls are ready to dazzle!!"
Ardell lost a great friend to breast cancer. Her donation is on behalf of Cynthia Alex-Burrington. Here is what she wrote in honor of Cynthia~
"The wound heals but the heart keeps hurting. I miss you, Ardell".

.~Sea Glass Designs.~

Auction Item #59
Rita from Sea Glass Designs donated this amazing sea glass necklace. The sea glass is wrapped in sterling silver and hangs on an 18" sterling silver box chain. Please visit her website here: There are several people at the Bigfork Bay Cotton Co.who are fighting over this!!!
P.S. This item came all the way from Nova Scotia!!!

.~Heart At Work Auction Update.~

By Jennifer Lambein
8" X 10" Print
Auction Item # 100
Hello All!
Just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with the Thrid Annual Heart At Work Auction 2009. I am about 1/2 way through listing auction items on the Heart At Work Auction blog. And amazingly enough more items keep coming in daily! There are so many more wonderful things to list including an aerial photoshoot from John Stalowy Productions/
Oh and there is a one night stay at the Bearister's Den donated by Peter Leander. Donna Lawson from the Jug Tree in Bigfork, MT just donated a case of gorgeous Reidel Wine glasses! Wow!
Cakebox Cookies just emailed me and told me that she has a gorgeous 3 pound box filled with delicious sugar cookies arriving via Fed EX today.
I am looking at a list of so many more wonderful things to post including more jewelry, pottery, prints, paintings, textile art, knitted items, ceramics soaps, glassware... .
This auction is filled with some of the most amazing handmade items!
So make sure to check this blog daily!
If you see something that you want, but cannot make it to the auction, simply email me with the item number and how much you want to bid for it. I am accepting silent bids until August 7th, 2009.
Tickets for the Private Wine Tasting are almost gone. But there are a few left. Please contact me if you are interested in attending: 406-889-5140.
I appreciate all your help and support!
Back to posting more items!!!
Cheers to finding a cure~oxoxoxox

.~Alisa Paints.~

Auction Item #58
Alisa was one of the first Etsy artists to donate an item. Please visit her shop here: This print is just captivating. It is one of my favorite auction items!


Auction Item #57
"Girl With Cupcake"
Tascha donated this adorable print to our auction this year. She is one of the most generous and talented artists that I have ever met. Please take the time to visit her Etsy store: Be prepared to fall in love.

.~A Sense of Place Photography.~

Auction Item # 54
"Bird on a Wire"
Katie King generously donated this print. She also invited me to participate in an interview that she posted oher her blog:
I encourage you to visit her etsy store it is filled with amazement

Sunday, July 26, 2009

.~Paul Marvel.~

Auction Item #55
This item is near and dear to my heart as it was made by my father-in-law Paul Marvel who happens to be one of the finest knife makers in the world. Paul is 84-years-old.
If you don't have a Paul Marvel should. It is a perfect gift for anyone who thinks they have evverything!

.~Kathi's Creations.~

Auction Item #54
Here are 3 more eco friendly fashionable sandwich bags. These thre are from Kathi's Creations: I just think these are so wonderful! I wish I had them when I was a young mother. They are perfect to carry around all the little snacks that your kids need. I also think they are wonderful to use as adults! Maybe I can get Kathi to make some out of camo material for when my husband goes hunting!

.~Green Street Bags.~

Auction Item # 53
Up for auction a set of 2 fashionable reusable sandwich size bags from Green Street Bags: I love these as you can resuse them time and time again! Think about how much money you will save on plastic bags!

.~Amber Alexander.~

Auction Item #52
"My New Apron"
Print + 10 Note Cards

Amber Alexander's work stole my heart the minute I saw it. Her work is soft and imaginative and brings delight to your soul~
Etsy Store:

.~Lauren Alexander.~

Auction Item #51
Lauren Alexander generously donated several prints. I love her work. It is fun, whimsical and imaginative. Learn more about Lauren here:
And visit her Etsy Store:

.~Kat Hannah.~

Auction Item #49
"Farewell My Friend"
Auction Item #50
"Over the Rough Spot"
Kat Hannah's art work mesmerized me. Please visit her website. You will be mesmerized also. I am sure of it~

.~Enchanted Beads.~

Auction Items #43-48 Photos to come.
While waiting for photos please visit Ileana's website:
She donated some lovely necklaces and earrings~

.~Evie M. Design.~

Auction Items # 38, 39,40, 41
Up for auction are 4 sets of 4 wine charms made by Evie M.Design Studio: Pick between the following:
#38 Blue bead
# 39 Red Dice
#40 Pink and Pearl Beads
#41 Heart Beads
Or don't them all!

.~Ricci Worth Designs.~

Auction Item #36
Taken from Ricci Worth Designs About Us Page:
"Ricci Wheatley has been designing and creating jewelry for over five years. With each design she strives to create something personal and unique. Every woman has different beliefs, goals, dreams and desires. Through her beautiful and sometimes whimsical sterling silver line, Ricci encourages every woman to understand and embrace that which sets each one of us apart."
This is a beautiful bracelet, please visit Ricci's website:

.~Lucy Roberts.~

Auction Item #35
Lucy creates unique, mutant animals using soft toys that she has rescued from charity shops and yard sales She calls them them 'special pets' and they are truly one of a kind, loved by kids and adults alike. She only uses toys that are clean and in a good condition. This one is 1/2 Monkey and 1/2 Parrot. Visit her unique shop to see all her other wonderful creations:


Auction Item #33

Auction Item #34

Susan was more than happy to donate 2 pendants to our auction. The hardest part was that she told me I could pick out two, and she has so many to choose from I almost broke out in a sweat!
I think I am going to buy these for maspresents. They are just delightful! Make sure to visit her website:

.~The Carolina Kloset.~

Auction Item #32
The Carolina Kloset donated to "Ret Hat" Phone Charms to the auction. Buy one for you and one for your best friend! To see more of what they have to offer please visit:

.~Bee Dazzle's Pendants.~

Auction Items #28 Pendant and Note Cards combined

Auction item #29 - Owl
Auction Item #30 - Flowers
Auction Item #31 - Snail
Pocket Mirrors
Bee Dazzle's has such wonderful pendants! And not only pendants, but notecards and pocket mirrors as well! Please visit all these great websites!


Auction Item #25
Auction Item #26

Auction Item #27
Serena handmade these three items specifically for us! I am going to try and reshoot these items as they are so much more beautiful in person!!! Please visit her Etsy store:

.~Elizabethan Punk.~

Auction Item # 22
Auction Item 23

Auction Item #24
All three of these beautiful pieces of jewerly were handmade and donated by Wendy L. Marker.
To see more of Wendy's gorgeous creations please visit her Etsy store:

.~Art Garden.~

Auction Item 21
This is a most beautiful print by Lupen Grainne. She has a fascinating website. Please visit it:

.~Shepard's Creations.~

Auction Item # 18
Auction Item #19

Auction Item #20
Patrice Shepard donated these three lovely necklaces. Please visit her etsy shop at I wish I had better photos of these. They are so beautiful in person!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

.~ Regina Brown.~ #16 & #17

First off I apologize for these photos!
These necklaces are so gorgeous in person!
Regina Brown is a very talented Bigfork, MT artist.
If you are ever in Bigfork, please stop by the Art Fusion Gallery
to see Regina's Textile Art. It is simply beautiful!

.~Paolucci Illustration and Design.~ #15

Auction item #15
Wine Bag
Paolucci Illustration and Design

.~Rogue Beet.~ #14

Rogue Beet

Sunday, July 12, 2009